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Expand your domain of reign with monster legends cheats

Everyone wants to sail across Monster Legends 2 and play it through even if the game gets tough at times. Before you know how to play it like pro, you need to have a back story of the game. Although the game doesn’t really need one, you really need to know what it takes monster to beat monsters in fights. Since building your own indigenous la Pacific Rim is never an option here, you’re going to hack some plot instead. As luck has it, you’re provided with an egg to start your journey and then some premium currency for speeding through each step of hatching, nurturing and feeding it. With the monster legends hacks, the job just got easier.

Following it up

Now, after all the hatching and feeding, it’s time to say congratulations to you. You’re the proud parent, dad or mom of your very own mutant/monster. You need a habitant to stay and live in of course and need food to help the monster grow. You can grow on yards or farms. All you have to do is invest some basic currency like gold along with companionship and time. Now, if this setting appears to be threadbare and time-consuming, don’t worry. The monster legends cheats can speed up the course and take the monster to the next level. Use it to skip levels and step into the ultimate action.

Watch your motto

Monster Legends Tricks

The motto at the stage can be “going to breed them all” instead of “going to catch them all”. The first one might sound a little too precarious and risqué. Now, keeping aside the joke, you will find that each basic monster entail an elemental type along with thunder. Although thunder isn’t an element in this regard, it still defines their unique abilities, special powers and determines the type of habitant they will live in.

The things to do

By breeding two distinct monster breeds, say an earth and a fire, you will how a resulting egg produces a huge monster with all abilities and features from both the elements. They can live in both habitats and breed as well. As regards breeding, it’s a simple process. You just have to drag both those monsters onto the main breeding ground base and wait for the magic to happen. Monster legends don’t even seem to care about the gender of the parents. You can select your monster’s name and type from the box and start breeding. There are Monster Gorilla, Dragon, monster triton who are quite popular in the nick of things.

Maintain your consistency

After getting a few monsters from the base and firmly in your hand, your immediate step will be to load them into your strong airship. You need to send them off to a chain of decrepit islands where they battle it out with bad and sinister monsters. As regards combat, it’s all about picking the abilities or attacks you want to use. You can use the monster legends gems generator to accelerate your attacks and upgrade your abilities. The free gold will help you score randomly.